Early Morning Thoughts

So, it’s now 5:11 am here, and I can’t sleep. I’m in so much pain. The demerol they sent me home from the hospital with stops having any effect after about 2 hours. The muscles around my navel (where apparently the majority of instruments and largest incision of the three for the laproscopy) are really firm to the touch, bordering on hard. Not warm to the touch, so that symptom isn’t there at least. I’m hoping that it’s just swelling, which is to be expected. Once the new dose of demerol kicks in I’m going to try putting some ice on it, see if that will help. If I can’t manage to get some decent relief by around noon I think I’m going to call the doctor and see what he says.

It’s been interesting keeping the cat off my stomach. She has been surprisingly delicate around it though. When I first came home, she walked up to me on the bed and nosed my stomach gently, sniffing at it, then moved around to my leg and laid there, with her head on my knee. It was so cute. I think she knows (probably can smell it, it’s not infected, but still an incision that’s been sterilised and all) to be gentle, that I’m hurt/healing. She’s laying off to my side now, her upper body across my chest, lower body carefully to the side. She’s a good cat.

I vaguely remember someone at the hospital telling me the first 48 hours are the worst, and after then it’s supposed to be much better. Here’s hoping, right?

Alright, I’m going to settle in with the TV, my demerol, my cat, and my water, and try to get some relief from the pain.

Oh, and I’m posting this from my Pre. 🙂 I love my phone!


~ by Kelly on January 11, 2010.

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