Scarborough Cream Chicken and Rice

The finished product

I embarked on a cooking adventure tonight, after unsuccessfully trying to find a recipe that I had ingredients for and sparked my appetite. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create my own dish! Bear in mind that I’m the type of cook that rarely measures, if ever, and cooks to taste, so feel free to vary the ingredients, but please respect my work and don’t claim this as your own recipe.

Scarborough Cream Chicken and Rice
Cook time: Appx 30 minutes
Prep time: Appx 15 minutes
Serves: 4

**All measurements for seasonings are best-guess approximations. I don’t measure spices. I put measurements in here for people still learning their way around the kitchen. Taste your food often and season to taste!**

4 boneless skinless chicken breast
2 pkgs (8oz) cream cheese
2 cups long-cook rice
veggies of your choice
heavy cream
kosher salt
cayenne pepper
fresh garlic
butter or margarine
olive oil (type doesn’t matter)

Cream Cheese Fondue Sauce
Pour 1-2 tbsp of olive oil into a medium sauce pan. Add 1 tbsp of garlic, sauté. Turn down heat, and add cream cheese, cut into chunks. Add 1/4 cup heavy cream and 1/4 cup milk. Add 1 tbsp each of oregano, parsley, and basil. Add salt to taste. Stir CONSTANTLY over medium heat. (If you do not stir this constantly, it will burn.) This takes appx 10 minutes to do, so you can either make it before starting everything else, and put it aside (but keep it warm, I used a small crock pot) or make it after everything is ready. This is a modified fondue recipe, so for those new to making fondue, I’d suggest making this last, after everything else is ready.

Scarborough Chicken
Cut chicken into 1 inch chunks. In a sauté pan, sauté 1 tbsp of garlic in 2 tbsp of olive oil. Add chicken. Lower heat to medium high. Add 2 tbsp each of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Salt to taste. Add 1 tbsp of butter or margarine if desired (nice for flavour). Add 1/4 cup water, cover, and leave to simmer. Keep an eye on it. As the water boils down, it will steam the chicken and help blend the flavours of the spices together. Once the water has reduced, you will be left with a small amount of oil in the bottom of the pan. Turn up the heat, and quickly brown the chicken. This needs to be done carefully so that you don’t burn the chicken or seasoning; this step is really just for presentation and colour on the chicken.

Rice & Veggies
I use traditional, long grain white rice. It’s a simple 2:1 ratio and 20 minutes to cook, which I like. I can start it and then do everything else, and the rice just happily cooks away. For this specific recipe, I used 4 cups water, 2 cups rice. Once the water comes to a boil, you add the rice, IMMEDIATELY cover, and reduce heat to a steady simmer. DO NOT OPEN THE POT UNTIL THE 20 MINUTES IS UP!!!! That is the trick to perfect rice, every time. I did not do anything other than add about a tbsp or two of butter to the rice. You don’t really want to season the rice heavily, it’s there to complement the chicken and cream cheese and veggies.

I made green beans tonight, but this would pair well with any veggie, and the cream cheese would taste well on any veggie you usually serve with cheese on it. Just be careful not to overseason the rice, or season it with contrasting seasonings.

Serve the chicken on a bed of rice, topped with the cream cheese fondue sauce, and the veggies on the side, and enjoy. I sprinkled a TINY amount of the cayenne pepper on top for colour and flavour. Pairs well with a white zinfandel or blush wine if you’re inclined. Enjoy!


~ by Kelly on March 22, 2010.

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