On Trump and Tolerance

I need to get this out there, because it needs to be said. Hopefully it will be read, and will help do something to start healing the huge, raw, painful schisms this election has created.

Who anyone voted for doesn’t really matter anymore. Trump won the electoral vote by a huge margin, and under the democratic process in this country, that is how we elect our leader. Whether it is right or good is not the point right now. That’s not what this post is about. I hope people read on, and take a moment to think afterwards.

Here’s what it is, folks. I don’t believe continuing to advocate for Trump’s reprehensible positions by being as hateful as he is will help the situation at all. Removing people for their political views is another form of discrimination in and of itself. I have a number of friends who voted for Trump, not because they believed in his moral standings, but because they saw a desperate need for change in our political system. This does not make them Donald J. Trump. They are friends I have had for years and know very well. They are not evil people who think that I, a openly Pagan, pansexual mother who supports minorities, should be burned at the stake, electrocuted until I’m straight, or imprisoned for my views. They support me.

People are not their political views. Political views are a PART of a person, and rarely WHO a person is. I do not like that Trump is the President-Elect. I like his VP-Elect even less. I am very afraid, not just for myself but for my family, my friends, and for our country as a whole. That said, this situation cries out for us as minorities to show people who ARE like Trump what TOLERANCE is. It is a concept this country is truly built upon, and a quality that must be given and shown to be taught, in the same way we teach our children the qualities and morals we want them to have. The ONLY way to combat such hate is with gentle tolerance. If hate and intolerance is met with equivalent hate and intolerance, where will we be? If we respond to fear and hate with fear and hate, are we any better than the people who spew hateful rhetoric at us? How is ANYONE to learn tolerance if it is not given and shown? How does RESPECT grow without a bed of tolerance to be seeded in?

Ignore this post if you want to. Deride it if you feel it is necessary, and go about your life. However, everyone goes with my blessings on you and for you; blessings for peace in your life, for prosperity, for grace, love, laughter, freedom of your beliefs, and a good life. Know that I wish you all the wonderful things that life has to offer with all my heart. Know that I truly, deeply hope you are never treated the way I am treated for my views. I send you off knowing I bear you no ill will, and will be here with welcoming arms if you ever want to come back. Know that I will be here to help you in your times of trial, and all you need do is ask. This is what tolerance is. It is giving respect when you are offered none. It is giving love when you are offered hate. It is giving understanding when you are met with fear.

Tolerance is contaigous. It is a slow-growing thing, but it has strong, deep roots. You cannot be touched with tolerance without it affecting you, even if it is a subtle, gentle thing in your heart, and the more tolerance hate is touched with, the stronger it grows, and the more hate weakens and passes away. Turning the other cheek is hard. It is worth it.

Think about this before you banish people for fear and lack of knowledge, or for not agreeing with your personal views in all things. Diversity makes us strong, and engenders more strength as we pass it from generation to generation through tolerance for differences in one another. Thanks for reading this through to the end. Please feel free to share this, link it, or re-blog it, just please credit me.


~ by Kelly on November 9, 2016.

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