Words to the Wise… (START HERE)

….and that may or may not be you, dear reader.

A few things to be aware of…

– I am honest to a fault. If you are easily offended, thin-skinned, delicate, or narrow-minded, I suggest you leave now. While I try not to intentionally offend anyone, it happens on a regular basis. I’ve lived too much in my 30 years to sugar-coat life for people any more, and while there is a difference between honesty and insult, the line is fine. I endeavour to stay on the honest side of it, but well, I have a temper. *shrugs*

-This is MY blog. Just because I’m posting (some) of the entries on a public scale does not give you the right to be an utter asshat. First offense will see your comment deleted, and an emailed warning. Second offense will see your IP banned from accessing my journal. I am judge, jury, and executioner here. Don’t like it? Don’t read. If it becomes an issue, I’ll just turn off public commenting.

-The vast majority of the entries here will probably be friends-only. If you want to join the unfortunates who get full access to my rants, leave me a message. This does require you to get an account here (to see the Friends-Only posts; commenting is open to anyone), although you don’t have to keep a blog. Bear in mind that if I don’t know you well (read: in real life), your chances of getting added to my friends list, while extant, are slim. It’s nothing personal, I’m just over the whole “have a huge f-list so I can have it” thing.

So there you have it. Me, in all my tarnished glory. You’re welcome to read on, and join me on this wild ride that is my life, but be aware that I’m not always aware of where the next twist or turn is….


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